Sutra Dance Theatre Tuscan Tour


The Italian tour – the inspiration of celebrated Malaysian artist Yeoh Jin Leng – began in Florence. Anxious about the size of audience needed to fill the grand hall of the 14th century Palagio di Parte Guelfa – the Salone Brunelleschi – the Sutra dancers resorted to a medieval ruse.

Just prior to the performance, they descended in full regalia from the palace to the packed piazzas below and, sometimes posing against ancient statues or flirting with street artistes, made a slow and sinuous perambulation of the city centre, bells a-jingling.

This caused a sensation and the dancers led – like Pied Piper – a delighted but curious throng back to the hall. The Salone Brunelleschi was packed to overflowing and, captive and captivated by the celestial dancers who had descended suddenly into their midst, the audience was spellbound and gave the performance a rapturous ovation.

An intense performance also took place in the medieval village of Trequanda, amidst lightning flashes and a rising wind rustling through the trees that finally broke into a magnificent downpour.

A final concert at Cavargine, San Giovanni d’Asso – the farmhouse of Paul Heath and his Malaysian girlfriend Angie Pollard – included both classical and modern Indian dances together with a magnificent feast cooked by Sutra’s technical director, Sivarajah Natarajan.

Posted on 12th October 2008